Juliana Hatfield

I still remember that night. I was at my buddy Jorma's place and we were just hangin out and partying when he mentioned someone by the name of Juliana Hatfield. I said something like "Yeah?". He proceeded to play the Blake Babies album Sunburn. It was too loud but all i could think was, how did he find this? So I asked him. He told me he was driving home from somewhere, can't remember where, and he heard this amazing song on the local college station. It was "Nirvana" from the Blake Babies album Rosy Jack World. The acoustic version with Juliana playing guitar and singing. When he got home he called the station and asked who it was and they told him.

Now, some 10 or 12 years later, and 10 or 15 live shows later, I am still just as enthusiastic about her music as I was that night so long ago. Some hilights of my Juliana experiences are, the Bowery Ballroom show in NYC in October of 98, the Central Park show in July of 94. Both amazing performances. The Middle East show in Cambridge Mass. in October of 98 was also real cool.

A short tale.

While waiting in this dark loud unfamiliar bar for Juliana to go onstage I noticed a very beautiful girl in black standing nearby and nudged Jorma. He looked at me. I said something like, "I'm noticing that girl over there." He kind of squinted and so I motioned for him to follow me. We fought our way through the sweaty crowd and when in yelling range of this girl I realized that it was indeed Juliana. Of course my heart took a startling leap in my chest. So we approached her as usual. Jorma made some small talk and proceeded to introduce me too her. A very unexpected turn of events. She held out her hand for me to shake it and said simply "Juliana". I shook her hand briefly and as I looked into those blue eyes the world around me disappeared. Then I felt Jorma tugging on my sleeve and heard him saying something about finding the bar or beer or something like that. Moments in time. Just moments in time my friends.

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